Velvelder Brake Pads

Velvelder brake pads deliver significant benefits

Velvelder brake pads and linings bring reliable braking to Passenger Cars and Light commercial, these quality replacement parts are designed to support your business.

Consistent brake performance in all conditions

For over 20 years, millions of small trucks, passenger cars, have been braking with Velvelder brake pads. This original equipment (OE) standard brake parts are designed specifically for each vehicle’s braking system, answering the two big business concerns:

1) Safety:

Fast acting with minimum bedding in period

Consistent performance under all temperatures and conditions

Reliability, safety and comfort for drivers

2) Cost:

Reduced wear and extended life

Efficient cost-per-mile braking

Support the entire vehicle’s braking system

Innovative features enhance performance

Every Velvelder brake pad ensures the highest level of brake system integrity.