SCHNIDER Brake Disc & Drum

Schnider is a leading manufacture and aftermarket supplier of brake discs to fit commercial vehicles, trailers, trucks, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars, all matching OE quality.

Schnider has developed two distinct ranges of discs to meet the needs of all our customers; standard range- for all standards everyday use and High Carbon- KTL range for Heavy Duty use.   Schnider brake discs are produced to exacting standards in both dimensional integrity and material specifications. Every batch of discs and drums released for sale passes throughout in-house testing facility to ensure conformity to require. Schnider specifications of dimensional integrity, hardness, strength and chemical composition. All parts carry batch control numbers for traceability from factory to distributor. Schnider design department uses the latest CAD design technology with particular attention to disc venting to ensure correct cooling of the disc in operation.  Due regard is also given to patent search, dimensional integrity, casting finish, machined area and material specifications.