Frontline Company for Investment and Trade Importers and Distributors was established for vehicle parts in the city of Ramallah in Palestine, and then moved to the center area to cover the entire pushed the territory from north to south in addition to the Gaza Strip

The marketing operations are done through a distinct staff with extensive experience and constantly updates to meet the needs of our dealers and our customers and are familiar with the broad needs of the local market, including parallels with the acceleration in the diversity of vehicle brands in the Palestinian market.

Our products are imported through the specialized technical staff is characterized by extensive knowledge of Passenger cars  and light commercial vehicle safety standards

The company characterized the quality of their products all of which are subject to local and international standards and is guaranteed and with high efficiency and are imported directly from factories certified as factories with high quality and efficiency in manufacturing

We have a wide range covering approximately 90% of the Palestinian market  needs of Brake Pads, Brake Discs , Suspension parts , Shock absorbers , Water Pumps, Clutches and C.V Joints